• How can I get Fruut?

    Get in touch with us to book a demo

  • How much does it cost?

    Fruut is designed to fit your unique business needs as a cost per-seat, which will likely include a custom speech recognition model, and custom integration into your CRM system. With this in mind, why not discuss your requirements?

  • How many users can I add to my account?

    Fruut is a multi-user collaboration tool that enables teams to work together effortlessly. As Fruut is optimized for collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Planner, this effectively means how ever many licenses you hold for these tools, Fruut will support equally.

  • Can you access my data?

    To transcribe your meeting reports, Fruut stores the raw audio recording and the final transcribed report. These are never stored on the device.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • How can I get started?

    Your journey with Fruut starts with a demo from our amazing team.

  • How do I submit a Subject Access Request?

    In line with GDPR, you have the right to submit a Subject Access Request. Just email us with your request.

  • How do I submit a deletion request?

    Please contact us to submit a deletion request.
    If you request deletion, your account, your account will be cancelled. All app data will be deleted upon removal of the app from each device it is installed on. Any data stored by us will either be anonymised and retained for reporting purposes, or deleted.
    We only anonymise data where we know we are expecting personal data (if, for example, we asked you for a name). If you believe you have provided personal data where we are not expecting it, please contact us.

  • Who should I contact

    For support, email support@fruut.ai. For new business and demos contact hello@fruut.ai