Are you key bored? Why type when you can talk?

Fruut is a new AI-powered speech recognition app that significantly reduces your mandatory admin time, freeing you up to focus on higher value tasks. Fruut also works seamlessly with your collaboration tools and CRM systems.

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Optimized for Microsoft Teams, Planner & Dynamics 365, Salesforce and Slack:

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Why use Fruut?

  • Make your people more productive
  • Automatically assign actions
  • Offer a more responsive customer experience
  • Integrates with your CRM system of choice
  • Free up more time for higher value interactions

"We want our customer-facing people to be better empowered with tools that enable them to be more productive through automating admin and to ultimately deliver a more timely and more personal customer service."

Head of Business Innovation,
UK Commercial Bank

Time spent wisely is money well spent

See how much time Fruut could save your business in mundane tasks that can be redeployed in business generation.

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Use the advanced options to set your team's avg. salary and targets to see what your business can achieve with all that time saved.

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How Fruut works

Illustration of person using Fruut speech recogniton app Step One
User dictates their meeting report (including any actions) using Fruut
Illustration of Fruut using AI to convert speech as audio into text Step Two
Fruut uses natural-language understanding to convert the audio into text and analyses the generated report for any actions
Illustration of Fruut asking for more information related to actions Step Three
Fruut asks for any missing information related to the actions
Illustration of report posted to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Step Four
Once the user has provided the missing information, Fruut generates the final report and sends it to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365
Illustration of actions posted to Microsoft Planner Step Five
Actions are sent to Microsoft Planner and are automatically assigned

Fruut in action

Image of someone using Fruut speech recognition app

Fruut is tailored to...

  • Realtors
  • Field engineers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Lecturers
  • Police officers
  • Relationship managers
  • Sales managers
  • Legal professionals
Illustration of Fruut app using AI to convert audio to text and creating reports and actions

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The Big Brain Chatbot is our AI-powered chatbot framework that can be tailored to meet specific business requirements. It has superior capabilities when compared with other off-the-shelf chatbot providers' offerings.

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